Who is grok?

Grok is the oft-cited star of our Paleolithic backdrop, the poster-persona of the Primal Blueprint itself. Think of him as the non-gender specific collective archetype of the typical hunter-gatherer who thrived on evolutionary tried and true lifestyle behaviors: diet, exercise, sleep, stress, etc. And although Grok hearkens back to the cave-dwelling days, by modern standards he’s the pinnacle of physiological vigor. Picture a tall, strapping figure: lean, ripped, agile. And as for what’s underneath? An enviable workup: low to no systemic inflammation, low insulin and blood glucose readings, healthy (i.e, ideally functional) cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

No wonder Grok had such a great life, full of play, plenty of rest, no stress and nothing but healthy food—sounds like a good life because it was! And that is a glimpse of our good man Grok, official primal prototype. How different our lives seem in comparison. But how possible the lessons for health! The artless health of his day fused with the know-how and the plenty of ours. Grok’s guide, our gain—that is what the Primal Blueprint is all about!